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I’m an Italian creative living in London with a growth mindset and a genuine interest in people and process.


Half problem-solver and half storyteller, creativity has been part of my life since I was a child. Initially, as a form of escapism. Then, as the lens through which I observed and decoded the world around me. Born and raised in Bologna, I graduated in Graphic Design at IED Milan and started in Italy a promising career – my work was seen on national TV by almost 20m people.

However, in 2009, with the global recession still biting and little savings in my pocket, I decided to quit my full-time job and start a new life the UK. In London I found a second home, met my wife and started a wonderful family, bought a flat, took a master’s degree and had the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the industry. The gamble paid off!

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed working both for agencies and in-house. I’m happiest when I can immerse myself and become one with my client, learn about their business and connect with their audiences through interviews, research and insight. Knowing how people truly feel about the brand is essential to create work that is relevant and can push the company forward.


I believe that creative work should be intelligent, bespoke, timeless and produce tangible results.


An extensive knowledge of design across many disciplines and media, combined with a strategic mindset and strong organisation skills, allow me to add value at many levels for my clients, both as a doer and as a manager. But it is leading and fostering teams that I find most rewarding, supporting their growth, unlocking the creative potential of each member.


I joined ADPList during COVID, offering free career advice and portfolio reviews to help the design community navigate those difficult times. I have been active on the platform since because I find talking to — and learning from — designers from all around the world extremely inspiring.



Design Lead at Bumble Inc.
World’s second largest dating conglomerate.


Art Director at The Telegraph
British media group with 1m subscribers.


Lead Designer at Ever After
Clients: Hilton, Lego, Nissan, Global Media. 


Freelance Senior Designer
Clients: the BFI, Linklaters, MOO, Unilever.


Art Director at Corradi
International exterior design manufacturer.


Designer at Designroom
Clients: Lindt, Disney, Lee Jeans, Abn-Amro.



Brand Strategy Masterclasses 1 & 2
Level C


Be a Better Boss
Telegraph Media Group


MA, Branding & Identity
London College of Communication


MA, Marketing Communications
Professional Datagest


BA, Graphic Design
Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

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I played basketball most of my life and won the London League (LMBL) 3 times with the Hoxton Heat. I no longer play competitive games but I still enjoy practicing and hanging out with the team. My interests also include art history, meditation and the future of work.
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