The Telegraph

A bold and elegant
rebrand to raise
awareness around
The Telegraph’s
loyalty programme.

Subscriber Rewards is The Telegraph’s loyalty programme and plays a key role in the company’s subscription-first strategy, however, only 4% of subscribers were regularly engaging with it. My team was tasked with a rebrand that could raise awareness around the programme and also simplify the existing layout reducing the time required to create the ads.

The idea was to create something bold and elegant, reflecting the quality of the benefits and the heritage of the brand. A look & feel that could inspire, not simply inform – easy to recognise and consistent with the newspaper’s intelligent yet concise tone. The project involved the creation of a wordmark, a new tone of voice, colour palette and photography.

Art Direction – Andrea Montanari
Design – Marcus Moody
Copywriting – Peter Exley
Video – James England


“I really enjoyed working with Andrea and his team on rebranding Subscriber Rewards. The end result was loved by all stakeholders and contributed to a significant increase in traffic to the programme’s microsite.”

Debbie Stevens
Head of Rewards, The Telegraph