The Telegraph, Suscriber Rewards
Role: Art Director (in-house)
Year: 2019

Working closely with the newly formed Rewards team, I led a redesign to raise engagement and awareness around The Telegraph’s loyalty programme. Thanks to Marcus Moody (design), Peter Exley (copy) and James England (video).

Untapped potential

Subscriber Rewards is The Telegraph’s loyalty programme plays a key role in the company’s subscription-first strategy. Despite its strategic importance, the outdated style of the ads meant that only a fraction of subscribers were regularly engaging with it.

The goal was to create something bold and elegant able to connect with the newspaper’s mature and cultivated readership. A look & feel that could inspire, not simply inform, reflecting the quality of the benefits and the heritage of the brand.

Core elements

The centrepiece of the redesign was the new Subscriber Rewards lock-up, set in Austin Hairline, the most elegant cut of the large Austin font family, already in use for the newpaper and across all Telegraph’s communications.

The colour palette was updated while short and inviting headlines combined with art directed photography meant to give subscribers a tasty anticipation of the unique experiences accessible through the programme.

Like looking through a window

White space is precious for newspapers where every single inch available needs to be filled with content. The white border framing the offer catches the eye immediately when scanning through the pages and creates a sense of looking through a window, at the range of benefits Rewards makes available for subscribers.

“I really enjoyed working with Andrea and his team on rebranding Subscriber Rewards. The end result was loved by all stakeholders and contributed to a significant increase in traffic to the programme’s microsite.”

Debbie Stevens, Head of Rewards

Launch campaign

The new branding was introduced to Telegraph subscribers through a dedicated campaign showing open newspapers with a Reward feature popping out from the spread. The visual style followed the same rules applied to other subscription campaigns. Many thanks to Vishaal Mistry (design) and Celine Katze (illustrations).