Design for Me

Making home renovation simpler
Launched in 2013, Design for Me challenges the misconception that established architects and interior designers are too expensive and out of reach for small renovation projects by connecting homeowners with the best professional for their budget and needs. Emily, the founder, asked me to create a brand built around its users, both accessible and optimistic – a reminder that home projects should also be fun.

A truly collaborative project
We wanted to create a visual identity that felt playful and friendly but also intimate, like the relationship everyone has with their home. From the start, I wanted Emily to be fully involved in the design process. We started populating mood boards on Pinterest and exchanging ideas. When, looking at the OCAD University logo, her comment was ‘It looks like a floor plan!’ I knew we were on the right track.

Where architects meet homeowners
My logo was inspired by the idea of collaboration. The juxtaposition of a geometric sans-serif font – typically used for blueprints and technical drawings – and the handwritten ‘me’ placed inside a simplified floor plan, was the visual metaphor for the future partnerships the company will facilitate. Orange was selected as the primary colour for its energy and its positive associations. 

Art direction and campaign
I gave Emily some guidance on what a brand campaign could look like using photography from the talented Jon Aaron Green which perfectly conveyed the honest, optimistic and intimate mood associated with the brand. The image treatment for the campaign followed the same concept applied to the logo, this time though, the handwritten ‘me’ is replaced by real owners photographed inside their homes.

“Andrea’s creative process ensured that the design evolved through testing concepts and ideas and sharing them with me, rather than producing a number of completely separate options. I think this resulted in a much better product, but also saved time and money.”

Emily Barnes
Founder and CEO, Design for Me