Role: Design Manager (in-house)
Year: 2006—2009

Working alongside founder Raffaele Corradi, I led the rebrand for this Italian manufacturer and played a pivotal role in facilitating the company’s transition from a functionality-focused family business into a design-led brand, now serving over 50 countries worldwide.

Thanks to Tiziano Campolmi who helped me shape the new vision, Annalisa Ventura (copy), Studio Cappelli and Giovanni De Sandre (photography) and Christian D’Aloisio (development).

Known worldwide for Pergotenda®

Founded in 1978, Corradi became a leading Italian sun awning manufacturer after patenting a retractable, made-to-measure roof system that maximises the use of gardens and patios. As part of a bold expansion plan, the company added heating, lighting and furniture design to their core product range aiming to become a global, all-in-one destination for high-end exterior design.

Building a new culture

Appealing to more affluent customers was a big shift for Corradi and its dealers, it involved embracing a new way of promoting, selling, manufacturing, packaging and shipping the products. The company’s goal was, whenever possible, to refine and elevate its existing network while also attracting more demanding partners such as architects and exterior designers.

Outdoor living: the new frontier

With the indoor furniture design market being highly saturated, leading brands were starting to explore the potential of the outside, commissioning new collections to famous designers to redefine the boundary between interior and exterior. Corradi’s new photography, often showing real customer’s homes, represents this ideal continuity between indoor and outdoor.

The new look

To reach its new audiences, Corradi had to modernise and refine its existing image, moving away from whatever was visually associated with the sun awning industry – i.e. bright colours, an emphasis on functional benefits, engineer-like tone of voice, cheap photography and products usually splashed across the catalogue’s cover, often as 3D models.

The new identity wanted to be aspirational and sophisticated. The Corradi wordmark was simplified, the ‘C’ element removed, an international tagline Outdoor Living Space was introduced, the colour palette became a simple choice between off-white and off-black, and the product was yes depicted on the catalogue’s cover, but in a more subtle way.

“Andrea managed Corradi’s image during its most crucial stage of development – from a small family business to a global premium brand. His strategic thinking proved Andrea to be not only an excellent designer, but also a precious asset for the entire organisation.”

Sully Briskomatis, Marketing Director