Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’m an Italian graphic designer and art director with a focus on branding and communications. For the past 20 years, I’ve helped organisations of all sizes, both on client and agency side, in Italy and in the UK. I live in London and I’m currently working at The Telegraph.

My skills include strategy, creative direction, graphic design, team leadership and management. I believe that creative work should be intelligent, relevant, timeless and produce tangible results. Here are some successful case studies I contributed to.

The Telegraph — raising awareness around
the newspaper’s loyalty programme.

PNB — discovering the hidden gems of
the National Gallery of Bologna

Design for Me — identity for a startup on a
mission to make home renovation simpler

Corradi — rebranding an Italian high-end
exterior design manufacturer

Great British Chefs — championing the best
chefs in Britain to inspire food lovers everywhere

CITF — a confident, honest new identity for
a global network of IT professionals

The Big Picture

How we see ourselves in the future will define who we are in the present. That picture will guide our decisions and keep us grounded, especially in times of uncertainty. However, it’s hard to decide where you are going without knowing where you are coming from.

Our past is a repository of great ideas and experiences that are just as relevant today, helping us shape that vision of the future. This ongoing re-evaluation of the past and redefinition of the future is a fundamental part of what I do, both in my work and in my life.


2001 – 2004
Graphic Designer
Designroom, Milan

I was born in Bologna, a medieval town in the north of Italy famous for its food and the oldest university in Europe. After graduating in Graphic Design at IED in Milan, I worked at studio Designroom, developing identities, packaging, campaigns and websites for a diverse portfolio of clients including Lindt, Disney, Lee and Abn-Amro.

Via Archimede 6, Milan

2005 – 2009
Design Manager
Corradi, Bologna

In 2005, I joined Corradi, an Italian exterior design manufacturer ready to take their business to the next level. Four years later, their sales had tripled and my new brand identity was seen nationwide by almost 20m viewers. In the process, the company sponsored my first master’s degree in Marketing Communications.

2010 – 2017
Freelance Designer
Various, London

In my early years in London, I alternated between agency roles and being self-employed. I worked with global organisations such as the BFI, Hilton and Unilever, as well as local start-ups including Great British Chefs and Design for Me. I had collaborations with industry-leading design agencies such as Landor, Interbrand and Mission. I also took my second master’s degree in Graphic Branding & Identity at LCC.

Photo: John Philip Sage

2018 – present
Designer / Art Director
The Telegraph, London

The Telegraph is rapidly growing into a digitally-led, user-centric organisation and it’s exciting to be part of it. As a member of the Marketing Design team, I’m supporting this transition by helping the company evolve its visual language, communicate more effectively across multiple channels and build long-lasting relationships with existing and potential subscribers, worldwide.

111 Buckingham Palace Road

Other things I do

When I’m not working, I play the center position for the mighty Hoxton Heat – back-to-back champions of the London Metropolitan Basketball League. I also enjoy singing Italian songs to my 2-year-old son, cooking and listening to history and culture podcasts.


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